English for Specific Purposes

Course: English for Specific Purposes (Advanced English)

English for Specific Purposes is an advanced English course. The classes are usually one-on-one, or at most, in a small group. Depending on your objectives, this course can prepare you for graduate studies or career growth. Moreover, we design the class content to closely match your field of study or industry. This means that you study relevant topics in English, as well as having actual English lessons. Specifically, this course includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition, you study other sub-skills such as pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

The English for Specific Purposes course covers a variety of academic topics. In detail, this includes anthropology, poetry, economics and ecology. Similarly, career-focused students study themes related to business and industry. If your area of study was not listed above, contact us and we will do our best to create an English course for you.

Disclaimer: This course is not offered at any of our New Jersey campuses

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