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Zoni offers Premium Intensive English Program and Semi- Premium Intensive English Program. The main difference between these programs is their length and structure. If you want to improve your English quickly for further studies or work, we recommend our Premium Intensive English Program. On the other hand, if you want to learn English for travel or fun, the Semi-Premium Intensive course is a good fit. If you are not sure which course is right for you, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Program Description

These programs consist of integrated English skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Additionally, you also study pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Our Intensive English Program also includes exciting extracurricular activities. For instance, students can take part in field trips and cultural activities. These activities are designed to give you the chance to practice English in the real world.

Below you can read more about these programs and the corresponding courses including the different levels of English proficiency. Do not worry if you do not know your English level. On your first day at Zoni you will be given a written and oral placement tests. That way we can make sure we put you in the right course at the right level.

For many of our courses, you can choose class times to fit your schedule. In other words, if you are not a morning person, do not worry! We have classes starting later in the day.


Course Description

Beginner I - Survival English

This is an introductory course using the first Zoni English System that provides students with basic, integrated English skills. This course encourages students to think in English, lose their fear of the language, maintain high motivation, build up their fluency and hold a 2- way conversation.

Beginner 2 - 3-way Conversation

This is an integrated skills course designed for beginning ESL students. Students will improve their oral fluency and listening comprehension. They will develop their writing skills and expand their vocabulary to improve reading comprehension.

Beginner 3 - Paths to Everyday Conversation

This is an integrated course for beginning ESL students. Students will learn to express themselves and their needs in spoken and written English. Students will gain confidence in their listening and speaking skills.


Intermediate 1 - Integrated Communication Skills I

This course focuses on increasing students’ accuracy and fluency. Students’ listening and reading comprehension skills are enhanced by the introduction of more complex materials.

Intermediate 2 –Integrated Communication Skills II

This course is designed for intermediate ESL students who have a good command of the basic tenses and structures of English, and can apply them in meaningful communication. It is an integrated skills course that challenges students to use and expand their ability to use more complex language and discuss high-interest topics such as culture, superstitions, hobbies, and taboos.

Intermediate 3 –Integrated Communication Skills III

This course is designed for students who have intermediate communication skills and ready for more complex grammar points. The course focuses on increasing vocabulary and introducing basic phrasal verbs and idioms. It is designed to strengthen students’ skills in speaking using vocabulary words, phrasal verbs and idioms.

Intermediate 4 – Integrated Communication Skills IV

This course focuses on refining and improving students’ conversation skills with integration of new structures not covered in earlier courses. It provides students with real life situations categorized in themes wherein they are able to apply conversation strategies and idiomatic expressions confidently.


High Intermediate 1 – Grammar & Conversation I

This course is designed for high-intermediate ESL students. It reviews and expands upon major structures and introduces more complex skills through integrated reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. Students will be called upon to share their life experiences and learn about those of their classmates.

High Intermediate 2 – Grammar & Conversation II

This course is a continuation of Intermediate I - Grammar & Conversation part 2. It includes reinforcement and expansion activities of using grammar structures in context in all the four skills. Additionally, students continue to develop their vocabulary knowledge and use them in context as well as reinforce their listening and reading comprehension skills.

High Intermediate 3 –Expressions for Real Life Situations

This course is designed for students who already have high intermediate communication skills. The course focuses on phrasal verbs and idioms and their usage through reading, writing, and speaking. Idioms are taught in the context of specific, up-to-date topics and real life situations.

High Intermediate 4 – Dynamic Reading

This course is designed for students who have high intermediate communication skills. The course focuses on developing and improving reading skills such as scanning for main ideas, skimming for details, summarizing, paraphrasing and making predictions. It is rich with vocabulary and comprehension exercises.

High Intermediate 5 - Interactive Writing/ Conversation Practice

This high intermediate to advanced level course is designed to develop students’ ability in creative and academic writing using their experiences as base. The course focuses on developing a solid foundation in the students’ writing, which includes paragraph and essay construction, following the mechanics of writing such as basic punctuation, capitalization, etc.


Advanced - Introduction to Speech Communication/Conversation Practice

This advanced speech communication course is designed to develop students’ confidence in their ability to create a speech. The course focuses on rudiments of speech writing and delivery specifically in informative, persuasive, impromptu speeches and debates.

Advanced – Listening Practice I

This course is focused on listening for comprehension. It provides a variety of listening activities that includes dialogues, interviews and lectures. It emphasizes listening strategies such as summarizing main ideas, making inferences, listening for stressed words, reductions and intonations.

Advanced – Advanced Listening and Speaking I & II / Conversation Practice

This course is designed for advanced students of English as a Second Language (ESL). It is an integrated skills course with an emphasis on listening and speaking as well as on vocabulary building. Students exhibit confidence in discussions, debates and role plays.

Advanced – Advanced Vocabulary and Idioms I & II

This course is designed for students who have a solid command of structural English language but often lack the vocabulary necessary to comprehend real-life language situations. This course covers a wide range of topics to have a better comprehension of vocabulary words and reading materials.

Advanced - Advanced Reading and Writing I & II

This course is designed for advanced English learners who need to develop more integrated language skills specifically reading and writing to meet their academic and professional goals. Students are also encouraged to write paragraphs and essays to express their views and opinions on topics of great interest.


Advanced Academic - Academic English

This course is designed for students with advanced level of English. It uses an integrated approach to give students a clearer understanding of American values and attitudes especially controversial issues/topics.

Advanced Academic – Oral Presentation Skills

This is a comprehensive speaking course that will improve both listening comprehension and communication skills. Students learn to ask and respond to different types of questions and clarify information. Students learn techniques to deal with difficult situations and to encourage conversation and discussion.

Advanced Academic – Interactive Vocabulary

This course is for advanced students who want to enrich their knowledge and usage of academic vocabulary through extensive reading, vocabulary exercises, pair work, discussions, student presentations and writing. The guiding principle of the course is that vocabulary enrichment comes about through authentic exposure and practice of reading topics.

Advanced Academic – Academic Writing and Rhetoric

This course is designed for advanced level students who need to enhance their writing and grammar skills. It consists of extensive practice in rhetorical strategies and techniques using various sources to stimulate the thinking, writing and editorial processes.

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