A Letter From The President

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Dear Zoni Community

At Zoni language Centers we have always thought of our students and their families as part of our extended family and community and as such, we believe that none of our students or extended Zoni community should go hungry during this COVID-19 crisis. During this pandemic, Zoni has been doing everything it can to offer numerous ways of support for our students. As we continue to look at ways to assist during these very difficult times, we have decided to provide food options for members of the community who find themselves in need, and we hope that you will join us in helping to provide food for those who have been affected by the current crisis.

Zoni language Centers is asking everyone who can and is willing to help, including staff, faculty and students, to assist us by become volunteers to process and help donate food to those in need. Please contact us directly at: jguerrero@zoni.edu and we will guide you through the steps necessary to become a part of this memorable and charitable work

Our initial goal is to reach 500 boxes/baskets/bags of food, with each box filled with enough food for 5 days, and to launch this program Zoni will donate the first 250 food boxes with the hope that others in our community can together donate the remaining 250 food boxes we will need. The headquarters, storage, and distribution of this program will be our Zoni Café restaurant on 41w 33rd Street, New York, NY. Students and their families can start picking up their food provisions as early as this coming Saturday May 2, 2020, at 10 a.m. All safety social distance requirements will apply during this distribution.

If you are interested in participating and being a part of this noble cause, please feel free to contact jguerrero@zoni.edu Cell: 917-561-0109 with any questions that you may have. We look forward to working with you.


Zoilo C. Nieto

President & Founder

Happening Now at Zoni Food pantry, and meal programs

1-Want to help the Zoni Food pantry, and meal programs respond to coronavirus?

Zoni’s Food Pantry and Meal Program is continuing what Zoni does best by continuing the Zoni tradition of helping their students when in need. However, Volunteers are critical to providing food and services during this difficult time. Please pledge your support by volunteering. Email us at jguerrero@zoni.edu or call us now at: Cell: 917-561-0109

2-How to Volunteer for the Zoni Food Pantry and Meal Programs?

Every volunteer has different experiences, but here are some things you might be able to do as a volunteer:

Sorting and packing: You can keep the shelves stocked by assembling boxes of food for distribution.

Delivering mealsWith many communities sheltering in place, you can help make sure our most vulnerable students have the food they need while staying safe.

Volunteering from home: Some food banks have moved their volunteer s online and are asking volunteers to help with fundraising or spreading awareness

Volunteers help where the need is greatest so check with our Zoni Meal Program about what opportunities are available.

3-How to Stay Safe While Volunteering?

The health and safety of our Zoni Meal Program volunteers, staff and visitors are our top priority. While volunteering we encourage you to take the following safety measures:

If you feel sick, please stay home. While every volunteer makes a difference, we ask that you not put your health or the health of others at risk. When in doubt, stay home and let your volunteer contact know.

Confirm that volunteers are needed. Zoni Meal program has different needs and varying safety guidelines during this time. Check with our contact to confirm your schedule and, if you are not sick, please show up.

Follow CDC safety guidelines. his includes regular handwashing, maintaining a safe distance, and wearing protective equipment like gloves and masks.

Delivering food With many communities sheltering in place, you can help make sure our most vulnerable students have the food they need while staying safe. To proper balance the nutrients in the program, we do not accept all type food. The list of item foods is specified in our list.

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